Custom Software Solutions

Share your vital business information by integrating a web-based application customized for your specific needs. Our security models let you decide how your employees view your data, ensuring full control over all aspects of your custom system. Control costs and streamline the time consuming aspects of your business for a quick return of your investment.

Stop passing around Excel files and turn those repetitive, expensive business processes into "one-click" solutions. For years, our commercial software clients have raved about the power of Custom Software Solutions, particularly Web Based Business Applications.

With our professional engineers, you will be able to process more data/information without having to add a single employee. We can make things as efficient as you'd like. In custom software solutions the key to success is Requirements, Requirements, and Requirements. All our software engineers are U.S. citizens working under one roof in the U. S. A. We have built custom software for the automotive, medical, insurance, real estate, and nonprofit corporations along with numerous government agencies.

Web Bots

CTI's Web Bot services can scan the web for virtually any piece of information you are interested in. Stay ahead of the curve and get real-time data to utilize in your business's day-to-day processes. Web Bots scan the web and create indexes based on some search criteria. Google, Yahoo! and Bing scan the web every day, so does CTI! Search for new customers through news events, social networking streams, or any other public domain website and get the information in real-time. Be the first to know and be a step ahead of your competition. If your business depends on accurate, up-to-the-minute information in order to expand your customer base and stay in front of your competitors, you need CTI's Web Bot services!

Search Engine

With more and more potential customers finding your products and services with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, your site needs SEO to ensure your business is getting the highest possible listing. Our experienced engineers can implement a plan that can transform your business. A 'mobile' portal for your website can bump you up on most popular search engines, such as Google. By having a mobile version of your site, search engines consider your web presence as a 'complete' web presence. This can be very beneficial to your business.

Mobile Web

CTI is a pioneer in the field of mobile web technologies. We've been integrating 'mobile' based sites since the inception of data enabled mobile devices. Through the use of technologies developed for the government, CTI can integrate your public web portal for virtually any mobile device with limited programming.
More and more potential customers are browsing for your product or services from their smartphones. Most websites don't properly convey information very well on smaller screens and are very slow if the internet bandwidth connection is low. CTI creates content customizations based on these types of devices and displays the information perfectly on any smartphone. Don't lose sales because your site isn't mobile, make it mobile today!

Website Development

We design, theme, and build websites. We also will help create its content. All our websites are designed responsively i.e. our software will tailor the sites content for different size devices from a PC, to a smartphone. We can also buil d or convert your site to be ADA (American’s with Disability Act) compliant. We have built websites for the real estate market, automotive dealerships, not for profit organizations, and for many more domains. We believe in the build a little test a little philosophy where we keep the client involved throughout the development. From the requirements phase, the theme development phase, through the story board, development, testing and acceptance phases.